Aquatic Social Scene Carbon Jet Beau Young Hybrid Retro Shortboard

Wider than regular shortboards The Carbon Jet is a wave catching machine. When paddling or riding a wave there is significant speed generated through this outline.

The square tail on the Jet is the most versatile and forgiving. This tail enables easy turning combined with greater hold.

Quite a large single concave on this board gives it immense speed and projection. There is a channel running through the last quarter of the board which further enhances the boards speed also giving greater hold in critical sections.

A minimal yet continuous rocker gives this board amazing versatility in varying wave conditions.

The round and full rail has this board flowing through all aspects of your surfing. The fin setup is a single fin box with quad fin tabs. The beauty of this configuration is that you can suit the fins to your preferred requirement be it single fin, 2 plus 1 or a quad setup.

If you are looking for a versatile retro hybrid, The Jet is the way to go. Regardless of your ability or the style of waves you will be riding The Carbon Jet covers all bases beautifully!!

Rider: Beau Young
Film/Edit: Jarrason Bitton